Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bleeding heart.

 By Mory Keita

Am blind, deaf or dead? O sweet love.
Dost thou exist in pure hearts? O wistful thinking.
Will thou ever shine ere my end? O heart-breaker.
Shall I pierce my soul with this blade? O quixotic madness.
Shall I run from thee forever? O courier of pain.
Gallantry and flattery speak not for me:
Ages crumble from the ancient ruin of time,
And passion vanishes into oblivion.
Now, I thy loyal servant, who traversed the desert,
Defied  mother nature’s will to come to thou,
Stand proudly before thou to declare my love:                                       
Gentle lords and ladies of sacred Olympus,
Here is my sunbeam, commander of my desires, my love.
Behold! How her grins are enchanting,
Beware! They're more fatal than the kisses of Medusa.

Love! What a strange word are thou?
I wish I had never known or heard of thou.
But alas mortals’ hearts are vulnerable to emotions.
Tho’ I breathe, breathing is but unsustainable pain,
And tho' I eat, feeding is but mere distraction from pain.

O harsh, heartless pain, is thou name love?
Or is thou synonym of affection?
My heart bleeds, my soul morns my lost.
A bleeding heart is but eternal damnation.
Thus, Dammed be love and its vain emotions.



Anonymous said...

Interesting piece, Mory. I love to read poetry during my off-time or when I find the chance.

Your poems are definitely different and unique from the rest of the modern poetry I've read. Your poetry goes back to the roots of poetry, which is enjoyable, so write on!

signed...bkm said...

Wonderful piece - I love the style, I enjoy writing in this style also, so many have gotten away from it...but it is so beautiful...bkm

Mory said...

Thank you both for your appreciation. your comments are truly encouraging.


Javed Hayat said...

"A bleeding heart is but eternal damnation."
"Thus, Dammed be love and its vain emotions."

You must be in love, dear Mory, from the sound of it...

The poem is well crafted, in fact its extraordinary for someone who is mere 16 years of age,

Mory said...

well Leviathan, i am... well kind of. or should i say, i used to be.

Thank you for your feedback,


Javed Hayat said...

@Mory: Oh ok.. actually it said 16 on your profile page... np :)

Mory said...

well i am 16

Mory said...

i was talking about being in love. i used to be kind of.. in love.

Javed Hayat said...

@Oh sorry, never mind. I just came back from Wetlands actually, comprehension is suffering big time....

Well, love is a dangerous thing, I can tell u that much, more often than not, ends up with a raven knocking on our window at the wee hours of the night...

Anonymous said...

I love the classicism you have portrayed here in this piece. Very nice. I am a huge fan of classic poetry, a lost art today. Love is many things to many people, expressed and experienced on variant levels; tainting soul in its indulgent pursuit.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Mory .. good to meet you .. and your poetry certainly rings a different tune to most poems .. it is really interesting.

Good to know a little about you - talented .. maths seems to go well with music and literature .. the rhythms seem to fit ..

Any way enjoy the rest of the summer .. and good luck with the studies et al .. enjoy - Hilary

eyeography said...

Very nicely written brother...

Mory said...

Thank you very much for your generous comment and your appreciation for poetry. they are really encouraging. i hope to read more of your poetry and writings too.


Djene said...

Great poem. I really enjoyed reading it.

Tanvi said...

Have you ever loved anyone?!
Its a beautiful poem dude, liked it :)

Mory said...

Tanvi, yes i did. thank you both for your feedbacks.

Carrie Van Horn said...

Love can be so painful....this is truly a beautiful poem. Great writing Mory! :-)

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

I have read this poem over several times. I feel there is a Shakespearean 'voice' to it!
Mory, your words are excellent!
Best wishes, Eileen

Mary said...

Mory, love can indeed be painful sometime. I agree about the Shakespearean voice. Your writing is wise beyond your years.

Just Me said...

I agree with Eileen on the Shakespearean quality. Great poem and love is very much painful, at least that is my experience.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I also admire your classical style and voice. Like one of the old masters, or the Bard himself. Great work, Mory!

Weasel said...

Love is never an easy ideal, but in the end there is some balance to it. Great post!


Anonymous said...

Wise and wonderful :D This is beautiful, Mory ^^

rch said...

Has a great classical feel to it.

Mory said...

thank you for your gracious comments. i really appreciate them. i did not notice that Shakespearean tone in this poem till you pointed it out.

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