Wednesday, July 21, 2010


By Mory keita

The sun shades in darkness when I close my eyes,
Stars and moon disappear when sun rise from its sleep,
The stillness of night become troubled at dawn,
Peace is unsustainable in face of greed and hatred,
Love and friendship vanish  into oblivion with time,
Wisdom and deeds of the saint may not be remembered,
The universe has a beginning in the big bang and an end,
Life is but a brief journey of joy and sadness,
All fade in the silent harmony of death,
Tell me, O death what is eternal? Tell me, what is man?

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Brian Miller said...

all things we can hope is the brief time we are given we can touch another...nice piece. thanks for linking up to oneshot again!

Unknown said...

The Moon
on a cat


My Poems


- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

dustus said...

The poem ends with timeless questions, though who can be sure if the answers would be timeless as well. Such an appropriate picture to complement your words. Thanks for posting for One Shot. Appreciate it.

Kenia Santos said...

Inspiring Mory! I feel inclined to write a poem in answer to your questions. Simple and beautiful. =*

desk49 said...

Questions ask
when one is alive
but even death
may not answer.

Carrie Van Horn said...

The questions of life make such great poetry subjects. This poem is sad yet beautiful.

signed...bkm said...

I really enjoyed this piece Mory, I love the questions at the end...nice work...bkm

Anonymous said...

A very thought-provoking piece, Mory..
All your points ring true, and actually makes one wonder: What's the point of anything?! And yet, in our lifetimes, we make them matter... gave those things/sayings/acts/people all the importance that we possibly can, and wish to. (sigh)..
I really enjoyed reading this one! A cool One Shot! :)
Thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...


I like the "Yin and Yang" of this poem: the juxtaposition of beginnings and endings; daytime/nighttime.

All fade in the silent harmony of death

How undead of you... ;)

Thanks for stopping by my site, and for leaving such kind comments.

Rhyme on!

Tim Keeton
(Undead)Poet / Wizard / Teller-of-tales

Mory said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words.

Caty said...

Mory, Your writing is so heart felt and your feelings fly off the page. this is another great poem!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work once again, great feeling shown all over this poem and i love it so much! :) Thank for sharing!^^

Anonymous said...

deep words ending with timeless've written the ponderings many well!

Anonymous said...

Well done! Some deep thought provoking words here, my friend.

Tracy H

Marshy said...

thankyou for serving up a deep, thought provoking piece...i love stading on a cliffs edge looking at a full moon with the sea crashing beneath and the wind rushing up over makes you realise how small our own journey and being is but no matter how small it still has its own relative importance..cheers pete

Kira Stann said...

Everything changes, and evolves, even death and man. Very thought provoking poem!

Bing Yap said...

brilliant and profound piece... i love it!

ZENDOM said...

I cannot see what is beyond here
But my Soul is alive as it is so near
I have so much from one thing inside
That IT seems so invincible and goes for the ride
As to death we depart but for the time being on hold
I have taken a solid stance in my living and made it so bold

enjoy as well Mory(+)

Tanvi said...

We are the children of immortal bliss,
once you transcend the idea of body,
you become immortal at once!

Mory said...

thanks everyone. i feel that it is profound. i love your comments in form of poems.

Laura Tattoo said...

mory, wow, my first read and i'm stunned. you are a natural philosopher au fond, mon ami! your english was very accomplished in this poem. et merci pour avoir passé par mon blog "moineau en france" et pour avoir laissé un commentaire sur la video de biolay. ton français est excellent aussi! ok, mon pote, i'll read some more. et viens me voir! bisous d'oregon ~laura

Mory said...

A Moineau En France, C'est un plaisir pour moi de lire votre fantastique blog. j'aime beaucoup vos écrits. J'irai visité votre blog régulièrement. merci pour les visite mon blog et pour les flattant commentaire.


Djene said...

I like the title of this poem. It makes me think of many things.

Anonymous said...

All fade in the silent harmony of death... wonderful totally fall in love with this line, strong words fall within :P thank for sharing^^~

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