Saturday, July 27, 2013

Supreme Understanding

By Mory Keita

The horizon appears far above my head,
The sun gleams without end behind cloudy curtains
Like some eternal flame blown by an eternal being.

Beyond my sight lie comets, stars and distant galaxies.
Is it reasonable to seek things beyond one’s comprehension?
To ponder upon the unknown, the unseen?
To say, all things can be seen through the mind?

I have seen a ladder spreading from continent to continent,
I have seen all there is to be seen on earth, and I was not amazed.

Should I build a ladder spreading from earth to heaven?
Should I climb it to see the farthest corners of the universe?
Is it possible to understand the universe, to spread it across a table?

Perhaps, there is no such things as supreme understanding; not in this world.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Have Seen All And None

By Mory Keita

A singing bird perched on a tree,
A furious beast hurling its fury,
A burning arrow striking a corpse,
I have seen all and none.

I sit emotionless, faceless like a puppet,
Observing the moving hands of the clock,
“Damn it, too slow” my patience boils,
My thought wanders in the seven heavens.
I cry of ecstasy, dance and jump of pain.
I chuckle and sing of rage to this unruly slow clock.

I roar my fury like a lion as I see slaughters;
Each tick-tock brings back memories.
These barren memories flux through my intoxicated mind;
My speech is flame, my sight is horror.

Blind, heartless savage, why dost thou speak to me?
I am the death you fear, waiting at the corner;
I am a viper, calm as aggressive;
I am a bloodsucking mosquito,
 --Sucking the last drops of your miserable existence.

Patience, love, misery, fertility and life,
I have seen all and none.
I have seen wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.
I have seen a people ravaged by war and famine.
I have experienced cruelty from Nazis, Slurs from ignorant folks.
I have seen terrorists plotting against peace.

I have seen all and none.
Why dost thou hate me?
I am Jew, Muslim, Christian and Buddhist.
I am Marxist, capitalist and communist.
I am black, white, Asian and Native American.
There is no mirror in my heart,
My vision is colorless, thus I do not discriminate.
Why dost thou wish to divide?

I have seen all and none.
I have seen patriots dying to preserve freedom and liberty,
I have seen selfless teachers willing to help at any moment.
I have seen mothers consoling their children, prophets of peace and love.
I have seen tenders eyes second to none.

Hatred, greed and stereotypes, do not approach my heart;
Do not corrupt my sight.