Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I have seen all and none.

 By Mory keita

A singing bird perched on a tree,
A furious beast hurling its fury,
A burning arrow striking a corpse,
I have seen all and none.

I sit emotionless, faceless like a puppet,
Observing the moving hand of the clock,
“Damn it, too slow” my patience boils,
My thought wanders aimlessly in the seven heavens.
I cry of ecstasy, dance and jump of pain.
I chuckle and sing of rage to this unruly slow clock.

I roar my fury like a robust lion as I see slaughters;
Each tick-tock brings back memories.
These barren memories flux through my intoxicated mind;
My speech is flame, my sight is horror.

Blind, heartless savage, why dost thou speak to me?
I am the death, you fear, waiting at the corner,
I am a viper, calm as aggressive,
I am a bloodsucking mosquito,
 --Sucking the last drops of your miserable existence.

Patience, love, misery, fertility and life,
I have seen all and none.
I have seen wars in Iraq,Afghanistan and Somalia.
I have seen a people ravaged by war and famine.
I have experienced cruelty from Nazis, Slurs from ignorant folks.
I have seen terrorists plotting against peace.

I have seen all and none.
Why dost thou hate me?
I am Jew, Muslim, Christian and Buddhist.
I am Marxist, capitalist and communist.
I am black, white, Asian and Native American.
There is no mirror in my heart,
My vision is colorless, thus I do not discriminate.
Why dost thou wish to divide?

I have seen all and none.
I have seen patriots dying to preserve freedom and liberty,
I have seen selfless teachers willing to help at any moment.
I have seen mothers consoling their children, prophets of peace and love.
I have seen tenders eyes second to none.

Hatred, greed and stereotypes, do not approach my heart;
Do not corrupt my sight.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Graduate

 By Mory Keita

Give me my life, hand me my destiny.
For Long have I endured your dullness,
But you met me with despairs.

Give me my life, give me my future.
Your dullness is of unpleasant taste,
Let me explore new horizons, let me shine.
Sun smiles, clouds dance in the blue sky,
Birds’ sing, wind  blows, earth has shaken,
The blue ocean of knowledge lays ahead unexplored.
Do not retain me---let me sail off your shore.

I dream of noble deeds and epic adventures,
And you yearn of earthly delights.
Then, let our routes diverge after this odyssey,
Let my name be etched amongst stars,
Let me passionately molds my world,
Let me seek knowledge beyond the horizon.
For, unless his deeds transcend the ages,
A man’s existence fades compared to eternity.

Now, give me my life, let me shape my destiny.
Though you and I are bonded for life,
Our path resembles that of two lone clouds.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Jerk

 By Mory Keita

He is the jerk, dream of girls.
He is the charming prince in their reveries,
The bold superman who knows how to care.
They love him because he is manly,                                                          
And he loves them because they love him.

Yeah, he is the jerk, the man.
He is the one who knows how to woo girls.
He is one who makes them cry tears of love at nights.
Yeah, he is the king, the boss of their hearts.

He holds the key to female’s hearts,
And jealously keeps its secret with malice.
He walks like a star, and speaks like a dork.

Look! He is the master of the game.
The chess-player who has mastered mind-games;
Yeah, he is the jerk the best at his game.
He has learned that a girl’s heart his a chess game,
So he has become a dauntless chess player.
He deceitfully manipulates its 16 pieces like a "real man".

Sometimes, I envy the jerk and his jerky tricks;
Truly, he is a skilful master of psychology.
For, though he is a bloody manipulative “bad boy”,
He has earned the dreams of men : women’s hearts.


Friday, June 25, 2010

To Annie, my heart

                                                                 By Mory Keita

You ask, “do you love me?”
Yes, I love you with love,
Like I sing with birds,
Write with my pen.
I love you as I love your name;
Why must everything be wordily?

You ask, “do you dream of me?”
I love you but I do not dream of you,
For dreams are ephemeral.

You ask, “do you think of me?”
No, you hold no place in my thoughts,
For thoughts are vain like wind.

Again, you ask, “do we have a future?”
Maybe, I do not gamble with God.
Let us colorfully enjoy the present now.

Now you will ask, “Is there a place for me?”
Aye, you hold a place in my heart.
For my heart is with you and you with me.
I love you with my heart  and my heart is eternal.


Monday, June 21, 2010

The world as I see it now

                                                                  By Mory Keita 

The world, as we see it now, is the work of some visionaries.The absurd imagination of some crazy-old-fools who hundreds years ago, idly sat on their chairs to ponder upon humanity. They dedicated their lives to philosophy and sciences; then, scholarly came up with theories and system of belief to better mankind and eradicate its self-imposed misery.

Though, their philosophies are of unequivocal beauty, they are prone to change as humanity evolves steps farther. Ideas are but works of mind and the mind is but a conscious characteristic of the human race (the same can also be extended to every other race).  Mankind in its current situation, which is characterized by unceasing warfare and destruction, needs more crazy-old-fools and fewer vile warriors who undermine the power of intellect in pursuit of brute force. When we separate ourselves from our God given intellect, we became lesser than animals and return to the dark ages.

The world as I see it now is evolving towards an age darker than the dark ages itself. Some of you might qualify me as a pessimist, but if we analyze our history (as far as it is recorded), we will realize that , we live in one of its worst centuries. The twenty first century stunningly resembles the fictional world of Uqbar in Jorge Luis Borges short story Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius (which can be found  in Ficciones,  his collection of short stories). Borges describes uqbar as a place where everything is pure fiction; by that I mean, in uqbar things are falsification of reality and the "reality" is but a part of a greater false perception. The similitude might perhaps not be apparent because, we live in an uqbar. We feign that we live in a peaceful world while we are not. We live in a myth created by a group of oligarch serving theirs egoist interests.

To summarize my thought, mankind needs more crazy-old-fools and fewer warriors. We desperately need more people-of-mind dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge to advance our common goal. I do not advocate for a utopian society, as it is unfeasible. I will elaborate on this issue in future posts