Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Fool

By Mory Keita

There was a fool, there was a sage,
There was a king, there was a peasant,
There was a charlatan, there was a scholar,
All in quest of glories to come;
Amongst them the fool was the most hated.
He once stood upon Mont Sinai, God’s stick in hand
And prophesied to his people the moon landing,
But he was ridiculed.
He traveled nations like Moses, declaring that all men are equal,
But he was mocked and threatened by kings and aristocrats.
Again, he studied heavens days and nights,
Then proclaimed in all truth that earth was round,
But he was accused of heresy. 
Upon all times was a fool, upon all times was a detractor.
But fools prevailed as the world evolved.
Thus, I have decided to travel the road of the fool.



Matt D said...

Wise indeed. For now I only aspire, but I hope to get there.

Mory said...

Thanks Matt, i was inspired by Robert Frost's the road not taken.

Weasel said...

Excellent post Mory! The path of fools shall never die. Great work!


Mary said...

Mory, I so enjoy your work. I have added you to my list of people who can enter my blog (you will have received a blogger invitation), and I hope you will do so.

Mory, I am glad you are travelling the path of the 'fool.' Someday the world will wake up!! Very good poem.

Keyara said...

this is very inspiring, and true! beautiful.

Poets United said...

If I am a fool then I wish not to be smart. You again have written another wonderful piece Mory. You are an old soul in a young man's body and it shows through your writing. Thank you for sharing.

Claudia said...

wow mory - terrific writing how people that were laughed at changed the world - love it!

Mory said...

thank you very much everyone.

Diane T said...

Sometimes the wisest people are the fools. Excellent work, Mory.

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