Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Will you, my love?

     By Mory Keita

An old woman once told me,
“You'll die, boy. Do not fear the dark.
Death is nothing.
What matter is how you will be remembered, your legacy.”

I wonder, my love, will you love me?
will you love me when darkness falls upon me,
When I am cold and still like a frozen fish,
when I shall speak and sight no more?

Will you love me when I am rotten and stinky,
When maggots shall crawl in me, feast upon my flesh like crows?

when I am but dust, Then my love,
will you hold me in your wings and murmur
into my ear,“I love you.”
Feel my glacial skin against your fairness,
Press your lips against mine
And bite the dust as you now bite my lips?

Will you wait for me until the afterlife, if there is one?
Will you spend your old days reminiscing upon the springs and summer of our days?
Will you even cry for me for years or a couple of a months?
Will you remember me or fall into another lover's arms?

Then my love, What is love? what is death? why live? why love?
For love is death and death is oblivion
and in oblivion we fall.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Probability and statistic for engineers and scientists

Please click on this link to download the full textbook of probability and statistics for engineers and scientists. ( It is safe, I promise.)


Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Jerk

By Mory Keita

He is the jerk, dreams of girls.
He is the charming prince in their reveries,
The bold superman who knows how to care.
They love him because he is manly,                                                          
And he loves them because they love him.

Yeah, he is the jerk, the man.
He is the one who knows how to woo them.
He is the one who makes them cry tears of love at night.
Yeah, he is the king, the boss of their hearts.

He holds the key to the female’s heart,
And jealously keeps its secret with malice.
He walks like a star, and speaks like a dork.

Look! He is the master of the game.
The chess-player who has mastered mind-games;
Yeah, he is the jerk the best at his game.
He has learned that a girl’s heart his a chess game,
So he has become a dauntless chess player.
He deceitfully manipulates its 16 pieces like a "real man".

Sometimes, I envy the jerk and his jerky tricks;
Truly, he is a skilful master of psychology.
For, though he is a bloody manipulative “bad boy”,
He has earned the dreams of men : women’s hearts.