Friday, June 25, 2010

To Annie, my heart

                                                                 By Mory Keita

You ask, “do you love me?”
Yes, I love you with love,
Like I sing with birds,
Write with my pen.
I love you as I love your name;
Why must everything be wordily?

You ask, “do you dream of me?”
I love you but I do not dream of you,
For dreams are ephemeral.

You ask, “do you think of me?”
No, you hold no place in my thoughts,
For thoughts are vain like wind.

Again, you ask, “do we have a future?”
Maybe, I do not gamble with God.
Let us colorfully enjoy the present now.

Now you will ask, “Is there a place for me?”
Aye, you hold a place in my heart.
For my heart is with you and you with me.
I love you with my heart  and my heart is eternal.



Anonymous said...


Mory said...

hey Jason, nice to see you commentating again. purity ? i do not understand what you mean. can you please clarify?


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

These are 'up there' with the most beautiful words, formed as a poem, that I have ever read.
Brimming with a 'too and fro' of emotion.

Best wishes,

Mory said...

Thank you Eileen for your compliment. it is very motivating.

[ your works are very impressive]

jamila said...

Again, you ask, “do we have a future?”
Maybe, I do not gamble with God.

I LOVE this line. keep writing :)

Mory said...

Thank You very much jamila.:)

Matt D said...

This is a staggeringly good poem.

Mory said...

Thank you Matt. your comments are very motivating.

Robert Lloyd said...

"Again, you ask, “do we have a future?”
Maybe, I do not gamble with God.
Let us colorfully enjoy the present now."

Oh how many times I could have used that answer when I was younger. A wonderful poem and an excellent verse.

Tumblewords: said...

Ah, I so enjoyed this read! The value of foreverness shines.

Anonymous said...

I, too, enjoyed this. It is such a lover-like conversation.

flaubert said...

Mory this is a beautiful poem and it has such a nice feel to it!

mareymercy said...

This poem is lovely. You have a real gift with words - very lyrical. I was surprised to read you're 19! You write like one older and wiser.

Mory said...

Twitches, actually i am 16 not 19.

thank you for your compliments. it humble me.


Anonymous said...

16? And you write like this? I think you might be gambling with God. Beautiful poem, soft, evocative, and very well paced. 16? Are you sure?


Mary said...

I agree with enjoying the present. It's all we have.

Mory said...

Yes 1sojournal, i am really 16. i do not know why it is so surprising.

Mary,i have read your poem True Tale and i love it. It kind of make me sad to know that one has climb such obstacles to find love. I hope you find happiness in your words.

Thank you both !


Anonymous said...

Mory, I think of poems, mine own and others, as the songs of the soul, finding voice, and offering themselves to a world that needs this music to further evolve. In your poem, I hear the song of an old soul, filled with wisdom and knowing. And my soul lifted up in response. That is why your age was so surprising. Thank you for being you,


brenda w said...

Mory, I like this piece. It reminds me of some the musings of Rumi. Well done, and welcome to the Big Tent!!

Mory said...

Elizabeth,i now understand what you mean. thank you for your gracious comment. i really appreciate it.

Brenda, thanks for your warm welcome. it is a pleasure joining the Big Tent.

Cynthia Short said...

Such lovely words and thoughts...

Deb said...

I particularly like the surprise in "No, you hold no place in my thoughts,/ For thoughts are vain like wind."

Welcome to the Big Tent.


Paul Oakley said...

That's either very beautiful or very manipulative of the answerer. :)

Nicely done!

Mory said...

well, i consider it somehow romantic.

Thank you Paul.


JRM said...

It is important to know that the heart is most important of all.

Brian Miller said...

wonderful...was wondering where you were going with it when you started the denials, but each explanation made snese and led to the unveiling of your closing thought. nicely done. happy oneshot!

moondustwriter said...

It reminds me of a child needing reassurance. What they don't realize us the love is there every day.

Beautifully crafted

Thanks for joining us at One Shot Wednesday. Honored to have you here with us.

anthonynorth said...

Beautiful words.

Kira Stann said...

Dear Mory,

This is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read. It was reassuring, yet insecure, and you portrayed it perfectly.

Anonymous said...

This is 5star poetry...I hardly say that, so I mean it...Perfectly sweet.

signed...bkm said...

Great piece and I read layers of philosophy here Mory if I am is a Zen moment this is the only way to love....bkm

TALON said...

Love simply "is" and you describe that so beautifully. And I loved the set-up of questions and answers. Annie's a lucky girl :)

Marshy said...

thankyou for sharing this piece with One Shot...questions you can never truly answer, why do you love me? because I do...cheers pete

Ruth said...

I like thinking of the heart as being eternal. Like this moment.

Nice work here at your place.

Mory said...

@signed...bkm , yes in someway, its reveal my philosophy concerning love.

@ Talon, Thank you

Thank you all for your gracious comments. i really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

"Why must everything be wordily?" lol love that line, as well as the emotion expressed throughout the poem. cheers

Caty said...

Mory this is terrific. Great viewpoints you take here too! I think as women, we do ask a lot of questions...we have a need to be reassured and know. But as men, you guys just want to know "why must everything be wordily?" ingeniously done :)

Claudia said...

This is so beautiful - makes love just sound the most natural thing in the world - like writing and singing - and we often make it that complicated..

Anonymous said...

"I love you with love..."

What a great idea.

But Mory, to be honest, if the persona were talking to me, I wouldn't have had the patience to reach the last verse (in real life).

But that last line... what a great way to tie it all together.

Anonymous said...

You've described pure love so damn well!!! I am touched....
Our expectations in our otherwise so-called love gets us nowhere!! If it is love, it is real..just like you've put it... without definitions, without any tagging, without any limits... it just IS!

Mory said...

Thank you everyone for your gracious comments. they are really encouraging.


joanna said...


Loved the style and cadence to this beautiful poem. a delight to read.


came by one stop poetry

Jessie said...

very honest--the flow is wonderful.


Mory said...

Thank you very Joanny and Jessie for stopping by.

Djene said...

This is really lovely
Thank you for sharing and keep writing

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