Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Jerk

 By Mory Keita

He is the jerk, dream of girls.
He is the charming prince in their reveries,
The bold superman who knows how to care.
They love him because he is manly,                                                          
And he loves them because they love him.

Yeah, he is the jerk, the man.
He is the one who knows how to woo girls.
He is one who makes them cry tears of love at nights.
Yeah, he is the king, the boss of their hearts.

He holds the key to female’s hearts,
And jealously keeps its secret with malice.
He walks like a star, and speaks like a dork.

Look! He is the master of the game.
The chess-player who has mastered mind-games;
Yeah, he is the jerk the best at his game.
He has learned that a girl’s heart his a chess game,
So he has become a dauntless chess player.
He deceitfully manipulates its 16 pieces like a "real man".

Sometimes, I envy the jerk and his jerky tricks;
Truly, he is a skilful master of psychology.
For, though he is a bloody manipulative “bad boy”,
He has earned the dreams of men : women’s hearts.



Anonymous said...

Hi, Mory, thank you for joining my blog; I greatly appreciate it!

Very interesting take on the archetype of a "jerk" in this poem. How he plays games, like chess, with women's minds and hearts, manipulating them the way a mastermind would. I really enjoyed it and completely fell into the jerk's world through your eyes.

Awesome post and write on!

Tsionah N said...

I think we all know someone similar to this! I would love to see a poem in the voice of "the jerk"... it may be fun to play around with! Keep writing and commenting at my blog!

Mory said...

good idea, i will consider it.

Thank you both.

Javed Hayat said...

"He walks like a star, and speaks like a dork.",
That is an epitome of all the jerks!, nice poem

It's a pity but women will always fall for jerks, because that is the way of the world, as they say...

Remember Hunch Back of Notre Dame, now that is the classic case of a woman falling for a good looking jerk...

Mory said...



Caty said...

So true...I wish I could deny it. I love how you used Dr. House as your picture for this..for his character is exactly how your poem describes "the jerk"

moondustwriter said...

I love the chess setting. This man moving a woman's heart like an artful game of chess.
Very nicely done.

Thanks so much for joining us today at One Shot Poetry.

Anonymous said...

Girls like bad guys ;D and a jerk that is all it matters~ XD

Mory said...

lol well maybe i should become a jerk too to increase my chances with women ( kidding). i love who am and how i am.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love this poem, Mory. I have known men who are mystified at how the bad boys attract the women, who pass by all the nice gentle sensitive men to get their hearts broken. Unexplainable. BUT the older we get, the wiser we get, we know better finally, at some point! I love it that you are obviously one of the REALLY nice men. I hope you find a true heart in return! Good poem, well done!

Anonymous said...

Oh I recognise him! Causes problems wherever he goes. And yet they still fall for him.

Nice poem.

Mary said...

Mory, eventually girls / women find out just who these jerks really are and come to appreciate people for the right reasons. Some, however, take a longer time than others to learn this. Your poem is a good one. It makes good points. Can't argue with it in the least.

Diane T said...

Ufortunately there are too many of this kind of jerk around. As skillful as they are, they can't deceive forever, however!

Weasel said...

There are countless jerks in the world. Wonderfully written, Mory! =)


Anonymous said...

very well composed, Mory :)

signed...bkm said...

Brillant on your capture of the Jerk and how so many woman view him...he is wonderful to know...disaster to live with...bkm

Carrie Van Horn said...

Mory you chose the perfect picture for this poem! In reality the jerk should envy you! Love what you did with this poem. Great writing!

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