Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Have Seen All And None

By Mory Keita

A singing bird perched on a tree,
A furious beast hurling its fury,
A burning arrow striking a corpse,
I have seen all and none.

I sit emotionless, faceless like a puppet,
Observing the moving hands of the clock,
“Damn it, too slow” my patience boils,
My thought wanders in the seven heavens.
I cry of ecstasy, dance and jump of pain.
I chuckle and sing of rage to this unruly slow clock.

I roar my fury like a lion as I see slaughters;
Each tick-tock brings back memories.
These barren memories flux through my intoxicated mind;
My speech is flame, my sight is horror.

Blind, heartless savage, why dost thou speak to me?
I am the death you fear, waiting at the corner;
I am a viper, calm as aggressive;
I am a bloodsucking mosquito,
 --Sucking the last drops of your miserable existence.

Patience, love, misery, fertility and life,
I have seen all and none.
I have seen wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.
I have seen a people ravaged by war and famine.
I have experienced cruelty from Nazis, Slurs from ignorant folks.
I have seen terrorists plotting against peace.

I have seen all and none.
Why dost thou hate me?
I am Jew, Muslim, Christian and Buddhist.
I am Marxist, capitalist and communist.
I am black, white, Asian and Native American.
There is no mirror in my heart,
My vision is colorless, thus I do not discriminate.
Why dost thou wish to divide?

I have seen all and none.
I have seen patriots dying to preserve freedom and liberty,
I have seen selfless teachers willing to help at any moment.
I have seen mothers consoling their children, prophets of peace and love.
I have seen tenders eyes second to none.

Hatred, greed and stereotypes, do not approach my heart;
Do not corrupt my sight.



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