Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dangerous Beauty

When art becomes an abomination
                            By Mory Keita

          I stood awestruck in the middle of a street in uptown New York, contemplating the striking beauty of the graffiti painting on the walls of a Public building .As I attentively observed the fantastic work of the artist, I realized that he didn't do it just to please folks passing by or violate the property. He was expressing his feelings in a painting- a simple yet majestic painting. Just like the writer writes on paper to reveal his philosophy or the politician makes ads and flyers to propagate his opinions and views on issues to the public, the graffiti artist paints walls to expose his emotions. As a teenage writer, I suddenly felt a strong connection to the unknown artist, for just like me, he is an innovator - an engineer of ideas.

         Freedom of expression is a natural right of every human being, when one is blocked from expressing one’s feelings, one  right is violated. It was painful, frustrating to me to see security officers slowly wiping off colors of the splendid piece of art like banning an abomination or erasing forever the trace of the devil itself.  I felt as if a piece of my writing, my creation was being roped apart, thrown in the trash like a nasty, worthless piece of paper – an abomination.

       I do not support the damage of public properties or the violation of the law, but I believe that graffiti artworks painted on public infrastructures must be preserved from destruction for future generations, because like any form of art, graffiti is a form of expression ,thus, a conductor of democracy and freedom.



Javed Hayat said...

That is an interesting view, and of course if the graffiti is done with the perspective of an artist and not merely to satisfy one's vulgar instincts, then there is definitely a case for preserving them, I agree.

Btw, I have posted a detailed response to your comment on my recent post and have answered all ur queries,

do read it and lemme what u think,

thank you :)

Mory said...

i have have looked up to the comment. thank you for answering my question. i still have to read other posts to better understand the story.

Thank you,


Rinkly Rimes said...

That is certainly the work of an artist. But he knew he took the risk of being erased when he started...... rather like someone writing a message in sand! If only someone could track him down (it looks like a male!) and harness that gift.

Thanks for following.

Mory said...

Yes i guess he knew of the consequence but took the risk. but i just felt so depressed when i saw them wiping it out. in a city as diverse as New York, we need diversity of form of art.

yes, if only someone could track him.

thank you.

Ramesh Sood said...

I am here to thank you for making me feel enhanced by visiting me..I liked your write.. I can't relate with what happens in US but human emotions are same on every corner of our beautiful planet spinning across its defined path.. I appreciate your concern.. perhpas it would get listened to..

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

I liked and understood your points exactly within Dangerous Beauty. It is a shame when good art, simply portraying a message, has to be destroyed.
Thank you for sharing and making the rest of the world aware.
Best wishes,

flaubert said...

Mory I couldn't agree with u more
I think it is a shame to destroy art although I can on the other hand understand New York doing it.
I am from New York but now I live in Mexico.
I am glad to see u over at Poets United!

Mory said...

I am happy to see so many of you agreeing with me on this issue. i regret that i didn't take a picture of that graffiti art work to show it to you. it was truly a masterpiece.


cheryl said...

Hi Mory, awhile back I wrote about "Rolling Hello's". Signatures on train cars. I often wonder if those artists realize they have meaning as they travel cross country, and that there are people who wonder about them.

Mory said...

Hey, Cheryl

i tried to find your post about "Rolling Hello's" on your blog but i am unable to as your blog doesn't possess a search engine. would you please send me the link?

Art, is always wonderful to ponder upon. i am also wondering if these artist realize the affect they have on people's lives.

cheryl said...

Here you go Mory, Enjoy.

cheryl said...

Hhhmmmm, I don't know if the link will work for you so look in 2008, August 08.

Mory said...

yes it work very well cheryl. thank you for sharing with me.

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