Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fire extinguisher

By Mory Keita

I didn’t know she was flirting with me,
She stared at me oddly, with a smile on her face,
Leaning against the table as we spoke,
Touching her dark brownish hair,
Laughing at my silly jokes, poking me.
Methought she laughed because of my dialect,
Because people always laugh around me,
But no, she smiled whether I spoke or not.

I didn't know she was waiting for me,
She asked me personal questions,
Complimented me for the silliest things:
What book are you reading? what is it about?
How did you learn French? I love your smile,
So, will you help me with my project?
These were normal questions to me,
Thus, I gave her friendly answers.
how can a sixteen years old read such signs?

I didn't feel the blazing  flame within her heart.
Tho’ I would ignore her sometimes,
She always acknowledged me, spoke to me.
She forced me to talk of things I didn't want to talk about,
I felt for once that I wasn’t being interviewed.
I wanted to tell her that I loved her,
Friends advised me to not make a fool out of myself,
So, I didn’t brush a word--oh silly me.

I didn’t see that I was unintentionally hurting her.
She proposed to me three times to hang out,
And I, an imbecile, replied that I had to study.
She didn’t give up on me,she stood by along the way.

Either did i see the fireman with his fire extinguisher.
He came into her life slowly with appreciation,
He wooed her with adventurous tales while I stood by.
She felt for him with such celerity, but I stood by.
A new flame grew in her heart, and the old was extinguished.

Note: I didn’t want to publish this poem on my blog, but I felt that I should not be ashamed and that I needed to “let it out” by sharing this story with others.



Helen said...

I believe that poetry is all about our innermost feelings ... whether they be sad, happy, whimsical or deep. Your Magpie is a fine one!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! (I know who you speak of.)

Javed Hayat said...

Well, interesting story...

Ending left me a little confused though, I mean:

"I didn’t see the fireman with his fire extinguisher.

He came into her life slowly with appreciation,"

Why a fire extinguisher?

(btw, I have also posted the follow up to my previous post on the blog, do read it and lemme know what u think, thanks :) )

signed...bkm said...

Sometimes it is good to express inner feelings... hopefully all worked out the best for you....nice magpie...bkm

Mory said...

Leviathan, the fireman refers to the guy who took him away not to a real fireman.His fire extinguisher refers to the change he brought in her life.

Thank you Helen and bkm for your understanding.

Webstar , dude you really know who she is ? i never told you anything about her. how did you know her ? get on Facebook i need to talk to you.

Thank you everyone.

Mory said...

i didn't get the chance to edit it,so i have made some minor changes.

Carrie Van Horn said...

Mory,inner feelings are the best poetry promts of all. This is a perfect poem for this weeks prompt. Ultimately, it was a loss for her as well, but these are the things that better prepare us for the love that will come. Wonderful writing! :-)

Tess Kincaid said...

Thank you for sharing it was us, Mory. Beautifully told.

Catalyst said...

Beautifully written but a sad tale, Mory.

Brian Miller said...

thanks for sharing it...the best poetry comes from teh heart...the happiness and the pain...nicely painted today!

Anonymous said...

Oh how fire will grow and flourish. Sometimes wen we are in the fire it feels different from spectating. Penned to perfection. Respect.

eyeography said...

Very well written. You should never be ashamed of sharing your innermost feelings.

Crafty Green Poet said...

thanks for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed browsing yours. It's good to share poetry!

Dee Martin said...

chances missed but opportunities to learn. There is a lot of depth to this and I suspect to you.

Angie Muresan said...

I am glad you shared it. I really enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

Sad and poignant piece. Sometimes we need to take those chances when we have them.

RA said...

Touching. Beautifully told.

Jeeves said...

Its nice to share your feelings and poem

Helena said...

'And I, an imbecile, replied that I had to study.'

I felt quite choked at that bit....touching.

Mary said...

More, I hadn't realized until I read your profile that you were so young. Your poetry has so much depth, and your talent is amazing. I liked this poem very much. And,out of personal feelings and experiences arise the best poems, I think. I am glad you posted it on your blog.

Lyn said...

Live and learn!
Your HS..don't know it..I went to M&A/Perforning Arts in NYC..Lincoln Center?

Mory said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words and for taking the time to read this story of mine.

@Lyn, my high school, should i say old high school, it just behind lincoln center. it is located inside the martin luther king high school educational campus. it is a very small school ( almost unknown). do i know you ?

Tumblewords: said...

So nicely written - heartfelt and touching. Sometimes those fires rekindle.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

You are very brave to share so honestly, your personal journey.
Please also know that your words will also be meaningful to so many others as well, who may have shared a similiar experience in life.
Thank you for putting this into words.
Good luck with all your studies.
Best wishes,

nothing profound said...

A wonderful poem, and a great lesson in life. "Seize the day."

Linda said...

Sad, well said. Nice magpie.

Anonymous said...

nice magpie!

Kenia Santos said...

Mory! This is so beautiful! I can totally relate. I've actually written something similar (not that deep, though) some time ago, it's poem #262, in case you want to check it. The fireman metaphor is perfect. Well done, dear!

Well, I want to thank you for following my Poesia Torta (crooked poetry) blog. Hope to see more of you around, and you know what, I liked the beast-like picture, it reminds me of 'where the wild things are', which I totally love.

Take care and keep smiling. =*

mareymercy said...

I really like the personal details you include - working on a project, asking if you know French, etc. I think if you include more flame/fire imagery throughout that last stanza will really stand out.

Mory said...

yes indeed it is. thank you everyone for you sweet comments. i feel now somehow relieved.

Laura Tattoo said...

mory, this poem is so hot; it's got everything a poet would want from another poet. it's got a story, it's got a style, it's got symbolism, emotion and self-insight. the english is fantastic. i've shared it on facebook. you're going places, my friend. where? interesting places... xoxoxoox

Mory said...

Thank you Moineau for sharing it with others. well, i am going to college this fall, which i believe is great. thank you very much.

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