Friday, May 1, 2009

My Favorites

           1. My Miserable Existence

In this collection of  five short stories, i retell marry Shelley's novel Frankenstein from the point of view of the monster.

In Part :1 Genesis, The monster introduces himself and discuss his creation and how he was abandoned by his own father.
In Part 2 : Adventure in the garden of Eden ,  The monster narrate his experience with the outside world.
In Part 3: Day of Judgement, The monster retell how he was wrongfully attacked by a band of peasants because of his physical appearance.
In Part 4: Revelation, after travelling the world the monster find his creator,Dr.Victor Frankenstein, and tries to approach him, but he is met with hostility.
In Part 5 : Exodus, the monster sets himself to traveling the world in quest of knowledge and ponders upon his existence and the true meaning of happiness.

2.The Madman is amongst us

A high school horror dark story taking place at my own high school . In this short story, an alien  teacher enveloped in an  artificial human body pursuits  a student who has discovered his dark secret. This is probably my one of my favorite stories because , as a newly high school graduate, it remind me of my high school and the good time I have had while attending it. I can guarantee you that you will certainly love this short fiction story as i do.

3. The Fool

I love this poem because of it brevity and its unique style. it also summarize the type of life i want to feel.
If you and i are like-minded, you will understand and love this poem. otherwise, you might downplay its 

4. The world as i see it now

The world as i see it now basically discusses my view of the world as it is now. In a world of violence, we need more thinkers than warriors. In this reflection, i give a simple solution to humanity's misery. Let me know what you think of this post and your solution to address  the problems facing humanity.

5.Je t'aime Mama

One of my earliest ( probably the first) poem. it is dedicated to my Mom.
I hope you enjoy it.



Anonymous said...

i think that your poem to annie, my heart is the best

Djene said...

"To annie, my heart"is certainly a good peom, but I personally believe that " I have seen all and none" is the best. There is so much to that poem. I love it

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