Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Madman is amongst us

             At four o’clock of the night, he woke up and managed to get out of his bed. Wearing a dark jacket, eyes covered by lunettes, he turned on light, took a deep breath and ghostly marched towards the door to wait for his victim. “The Madman,” those who saw him secretly whispered to each others, “where the hell is he going this early?”
            During the two or three years that he has lived in his isolated apartment, no living soul has seen his face or heard his voice. It is said that the few unfortunates who saw his monstrous eyes perished immediately. He never went out at daylight or spoke to his suspicious, foolish neighbors. There were rumors circulating that he was a spooky vampire or some kind of Greek mythological creatures called “Minotaur”. If you ask the neighborhood children about him, they will certainly say that he is a murdered hiding from the police.
           Behold! Curiosity took over me. In a cold icy day, I courageously took the resolution to uncover the identity of the person hiding behind this mysterious character. I woke up early to meet his habitual stairway descent time. He was wearing the same shit (cloths) as usual. As he walked down in the deserted streets, I followed him steps by steps with a snake-like attentiveness. After nearly thirty five minutes of endless march, he turned his back and carefully analyzed his surrounding; “Bump, bump!” I hear my heart bits - I felt like facing an imminent danger.
          At the corner of a street, he stopped and suddenly began taking his lunettes and jacket off. As I carefully observe him, a familiar silhouette distinguished itself: tall, white male, shaggy looking. PE-DER-SEN, I proclaimed loudly with an air of astonishment. I think he heard my voice and saw me running across the streets because his face was firing like a boiling volcano waiting to erupt. After making this astonishing, yet marvelous discovery, I ran to school heart pounding afraid.
                                   Do not stare at me, he is the madman not me.  
           While passing by his class room, I saw his devilish face uncovered; he was smiling like an angel to some of his students. He did not look like the mysterious madman who has inspired hundreds of myths. But, I did not let his angelical new appearance deceive me; for, the devil itself, Lady Macbeth, advised her treacherous husband in Shakespeare’s Macbeth “look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it”.
 Beware the devil is double-faced.
              I didn’t want to go into his class, but Mr. Noonan forced me to. I tried to briefly explain to him the true nature of the man hiding behind our Mr. Pedersen, but his ears were blind.  “Kids” he said with mockery “always trying to find excuses not to go to class”.  When I entered the room, he stared at me like a ferocious bull preparing to attack.
“Mory sit here,” he said calmly.
“Sirrrr,” I replied nervously “I would prefer to sit on the back”.
“No, no, the front must be filled first”.
While speaking I observed his facial expression. He laughed. He laughed and laughed again with the evil smile on his face.
Take ten minutes to write a short poem describing you” he addressed the class emphasizing the verb “to describe”. “Describe myself” I whispered, “why doesn’t he describe himself?” . Later on I figured it out that he wanted us to reveal or weakness’ and take advantage of them. Didn’t you see him smiling like a viper?
The bell rang a while after and we were dismissed from his class. While leaving his class, he called upon me and manifested his true nature. He was a bizarre creature …. Very bizarre...very, his has a rectangular face, big noose, eyes of varied sizes and a large disgusting mouth. Do you want to discover who he is? Well, he is an alien enveloped in an artificial human body. I know it because….. No, it is a secret, ask him yourself.
Since that day, the madman hunts me in my nightmares; I think that I’m his next victim. He once pointed at my face and said “you are the next”. Help, save me! Save me from the madman and his extraterrestrial insanity. Do not approach him. Do not let him deceive you with his smile, for the devil is a smile.

Note: This is just a piece of fiction; therefore any description presented in this piece is purely fictional.  

Mr.Petersen: my high school creative writing teacher.
Mr.Noonan: high school principal.
The school: High School for Arts , Imagination and Inquiry.



Djene said...

I like reading this. It is very funny how you describe your teacher.He should fail

Mory said...

mm failing me wouldn't have been nice of him. lol

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