Wednesday, January 6, 2010


He firmly stood atop a giant skyscraper in downtown New York, observing the streets, contemplating the empire of “peace" he has created. An empire ruled by him, king of kings, Monarch of monarchs, Caliphs of caliphs, and God of gods- him the Punisher. As he walked down the crowded street, his name was constantly hailed by ignorants, fearfuls simpletons “All hail the Punisher, we are thy humble servants." He glorified himself for bringing chaos which he called peace along with his demonic steps; He named dictatorship - democracy, and the world - his eternal kingdom. To represent his supremacy over the City, he replaced the head of the status of liberty with his own and placed his giant status atop the Empire State building.

But behold! His reign of terror was to come to its end when I,Mory,Thor, god of thunder rebelled against him.
I went to his celestial palace one early morning, defeated his guards with my godly fury. Then, I shouted at him “Give up, the punisher. Your reign of terror is over".
" Terror?" he replied mockingly “I bring peace to this world and the people like me."
"Come out of your cage, fight me coward if thou are deserving of thy name." I furiously yelled at him.
" Prepare to confront my fury" he instantly replied.

He suddenly threw his smelly body upon me and we began fighting. After endless hours of intense fighting, I finally smacked him with my mighty hammer and thunder stroke him. He perished like a vulture.  With rebellious bravery, I brought real "peace" to the world and vanquish for ever chaos.
Since that memorable event that defined the faith of mankind, humans are still hailing my name “All hail Mory,Thor, our Savior."
 Note: This is piece of writing is purely fictional.To learn more about  Thor,encourage you to click here to read the Wikipedia article.


Djene said...

You have a lot of imagination. A very creative writing.

Mory said...

Thank you Djene.

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