Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spring of youth

By Mory Keita

The springs and summers of our days are spread across this seashore
Like some lonely drunkard lost in the sweetness of his beverage.
Shall we see ere the end those unseen moons and sunsets,
Those wasted times lived with dullness in lieu of vagabondage?
Perhaps there is redemption, a magic defying the laws of physic,
At some place I have heard of long ago during some trivialities;
At some shrouded place pours water from a fountain that renew the vow of youth.
Perhaps we might find it accompanied by some old companions  
If we sail the sea and travel across earth like Jason and the Argonauts.
Guided by venus, we may find that trio of one-eyes crones,
Those ageless creatures said to know everything that lies on earth.

Will thou come with me delicate flower of saintly days?
Let us sail hand in hand and heart in heart under the moonlight
Like sunrises and sunsets, springs and summers to that oasis of youth.
Let us run away from these insolent sights of youths and nurses.
Under thousands smiling faces of constellations and stars,
Walking On the trail of Venus listening to love songs and tales of heroes,
Perhaps we may found that fountain of youth and regain our juvenilities
And live those springs and summers that lie across these seas.
It may be we shall not return from this odyssey or find the spring
And live again those unlived days as I forebode,
But we shall see some sparkles of adventurous days we missed long ago.

Shared with One Stop Poetry.



Sam Liu said...

A beautiful and lyrical poem, Mory. So much love and hope and philosophy, it is a refreshing and poignant read.

Mory said...

Thank you Sam. i hope you feel better. i have been very occupied lately and did not had enough time to write.

Carrie Van Horn said...

Mory this is truly breathtaking poetry. The imagery is amazing. If only we could go back to our youth and know what we know now...we cannot, but we can stay young in our heart. Great writing! :-)

signed...bkm said...

beautiful Mory, you truly are a romantic..and that is so nice to read...the picture and your myth reference remind me of the golden fleece hanging from the tree in the movie.....bkm

Brian Miller said...

oh this was smooth and lyrical...an odyssey i would take just for the thrill of adventure...and love...excellent one shot!

Desert Rose said...

Amazing imagery Mory..so romantic,i enjoyed this read..:)

dustus said...

First, the painting is amazing. Considering many eras and literature, notions of romantic heroism, and undercurrents uniting many human inspirations... love the poem. What a great One Shot post! thanks so much for sharing it. cheers

moondustwriter said...

What a wonderful story - the adventure of a lifetime. So beautifully posed by a lover and friend.

glad you shared it with One Shot

smiles from the Moon

Marshy said...

hi mory...this was a fantastic poem that had me spellbound..i was there with jason, i've met those crones and i have layed with venus...at least in my mind and my hopes..thanks for sharing pete

Claudia said...

..love songs and tales of heroes...beautiful

Unknown said...

So beautiful.........

TALON said...

This was lovely...and reminds me the importance to relish every single moment.

PattiKen said...

There was something so "Homer-esque" (and i don't mean Simpson) about this. Your speaker could be Odysseus calling to Penelope. Loved it.

joanna said...

Romantic, enchanting, and eloquent style of writing,,,, truly lovely, sigh.

PS if they happen to find the fountain of youth let me know...


Anonymous said...

Mory...so much in there to assimilate in so few words, while there are oceans out there and lands nobody has seen..but then it is all a odyssey.
Like it!

Mory said...

thanks everyone. i didn't note the Homeric style in my writing. i really appreciate your comments.

Steven Marty Grant said...

This post is very well crafted and I was surprised when I saw your age. You write with an amazing maturity and the breadth of one well read

Aishah said...

Hello Mory, beautiful painting of a time so distant to me. But it cannot be for you. Spend it well.

Anonymous said...

We shall enjoy while it still last XD, thank for sharing your wonderful poem, it been a great read :3

And here is some awards for you! :D


Hope you like them and pass them on :3

Anonymous said...

Awww... this was a lovely and romantic sorta read.... with such vivid imagery, it felt great going back in time, going beyond time, into infinite spaces... living in worlds we've never lived in... seeing things we had ever even dreamed of! Living moments of long ago, that we had missed back then..
Wowww...fantastic !

Mory said...

well, i do not consider myself to be such a romantic.

Djene said...

beautiful!!!! love it

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