Monday, August 2, 2010

I Missed His Book , But I Read His Name

A parody of John Updike's poem I Missed His Book, But I Read His Name By Mory Keita

Though author are a savage people
To be guillotined if you can,
I’d like to spare the Indian,
M. Anantanarayanan.

I picture him as short and cherry.
We’d meet, perhaps, in Bombay.
I’d yell, with clumsy elan,
“Ah, Antanarayanan --

I’ve heard of you, the Bounty hunter once bade
denars on your head, a
Bountiful sum and renown. “
And Anantanarayanan

Would bride me with a novel
And sign his name – that unmelodious span
Of ‘a’s and ‘n’s more lovely than
‘In xanadu, Kuban khan smoking pipe”--

Aloud to me all season. I plan
Henceforth to spare the life
Of Anantanarayanan----

Below is the original poem by the great John Updike.

I Missed His Book But I Read His Name by John Updike

Though authors are a dreadful clan
To be avoided if you can,
I'd like to meet the Indian,
M. Anantanarayanan.

I picture him as short and tan.
We'd meet, perhaps, in Hindustan.
I'd say, with admirable elan ,
"Ah, Anantanarayanan --

I've heard of you. The Times once ran
A notice on your novel, an
Unusual tale of God and Man."
And Anantanarayanan

would seat me on a lush divan
and read his name -- that sumptuous span
of 'a's and 'n's more lovely than
"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan" --

Aloud to me all day. I plan
Henceforth to be an ardent fan
of Anantanarayanan --
M. Anantanarayanan.

Note: This poem is one of my favorites. i like it so much that i sometime recite it in bed. it happens that updide didn't intend to write this poem to the more know M.Anantanarayanan but another person with the same name
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Sam Liu said...

The original was a treat, but I enjoyed yours just as much :D Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful poet, I shall be looking for more of his work.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Thank you for your lovely comments with regard to your Blog of the Week, worthy win!
Also, with regard to this post and the poem, 'I Missed His Book,But I Read His Name. I had not been aware of this poem before.
Visiting your blog page, is an education for me.
Thank you Mory,

Mory said...

yes Sam,i completely agree. the beauty of this poem is unreproducible.

Eileen, i was just being honest. you are the greatest support i have in the blog sphere. i am glad that you learn something from my blog.

thank you for your feedbacks.

moondustwriter said...

Never read that before. Loved your version.

Glad you shared for I too will now visit John Updike

Glad you shared it with One Shot

beams from the Moon

Brian Miller said...

i too had never read it before so the original was nice...and you parody just as much...what an interesting name...i like the way it rolls off the tongue...thanks for linking up to oneshot!

signed...bkm said...

I can see why you love it Mory, it rolls off the tongue and lives on nice taste on the are a gem.....bkm

dustus said...

Great parody. Really like your version. Cool way to introduce the original as well. Thanks!

CM said...

So intriguing yet very creative. Thanks for sharing!

Glynn said...

It's a parody, yes, but it's also an homage.

Anonymous said...

I really loved your version...thanks far sharing this.

TALON said...

A name like that deserves a poem! And someone paying homage to the great John Updike's work, too. :)

Marshy said...

this was completely new to me..but then thats the joy of sharing as it helps us to discover new things...i loved your piece and sat comfortabky with John Updikes..a new poet i shall explore..cheers Pete

Shosannah said...

A great poem parody of a great poem!
Wonderful stuff!

Claudia said...

what a name! and your parody is clever

Caty said...

I had never read this poem. It was fun and your parody was just as fun to recite as the original :)
Nicely done!

Jessie said...

i enjoyed your version very much. Fun, witty, and an excellent read!


Steven Marty Grant said...

Great parody, very fun!

Mory said...

Yes indeed it is a melodic name,Anantanarayanan. well, thank you for your appreciation of the work of a great poet and writer.

Anonymous said...

Loved your version.. the beats in it are lovely!! Made me wanna sing it.. But the original makes me want to go visit Mr. Updike as well :)
I am an Indian (born and raised in Bombay - although now I'm in NYC) and have come across this and much longer (and more melodious) names :)
Okay, here's some trivia: Usually, the longer names in India are actually names of the various Hindu Gods and Goddesses :). Even my husband's name is such :) Incidentally, my name (Kavita) is considered fairly short, is NOT the name of a God/Goddess... but it means 'a poem'.
Anyway, being Indian, I just felt like sharing this bit :)

A great One Shot!!!

Mory said...

kavisionz, you have brought to me a great information. You name means a poem " a poem"? that is fantastic. i like to explore other cultures.
Thank you for leaving such a great info on this blog. i am very grateful.

PattiKen said...

I like your version just as much as the original. They both are so melodic. It was also really interesting to read kavisonz comment. I learn something new everyday from all my blogger friends.

Mory said...

kavisionz, i forgot to mention that John Updike passed away last year 2009. very sad indeed.

PattiKen, that you very much. i think that everyone who has read this post has learned something new, including myself. that is the joy of sharing.

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