Friday, January 14, 2011

Part 5 :My miserable existence

By Mory Keita

Part 5: Exodus 

          After my many disappointments, I set myself to traveling the uncivilized parts of the world in quest of knowledge and understanding. In that mid-October, I took the road to the Americas where I tried to live in harmony with nature’s wilderness. Living there, I found an inner peace and sense of belonging cultivated in harmony with the elements constituting the universe. I have found a new purpose in life— accepting who I am.
          To conclude my long and boring life story, I would like to explain the nature of happiness. Happiness is not beauty, talent or prestige. It is an inner voice that shows us the light to something farther ahead, a greater understanding of the world and its principles. Happiness is a combination of knowledge, identity and a sense of purpose.This is the tale of my miserable existence.



Laura Tattoo said...

you are so right about the nature of happiness, mory. knowledge, identity and purposefulness, the remedy for the human (or inhuman!) condition. when one loses everything and find him/herself all alone, in that humbling moment, those are the things that remain. being a sponge for knowledge, what came before us and what comes from our own inquiry, the act of being a lifelong student, open and receptive, acting from a conscience of the experienced; identity, accepting and loving our own being which has within it some spark of divinity (something beyond religiosity), the life force itself, which is strong; purposefulness, meaning, even as victor frankl found in the depths of the concentration camp, the memories of his former life that kept him alive in the face of the great odds and gave him meaning: these are the things that answer the question "to be or not to be?" camus said the most important question of life is this very question, put another way, whether or not to kill oneself. to say yes to life, we need those three components and it is up to us to cultivate them. A+ pour la connaissance et son expression. :>>)))

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