Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Self-imposed rules I live by

                                                   By Mory Keita 

  An avid reader of this blog( RingWatcher034) suggested that I make a post about my self-improvement. Bellow, is an unordered list of self-imposed rules I try to follow as much as possible. I shall elaborate on each of them in coming posts. What self-imposed rules do you live by? Comment bellow!

  1. Be humble and respectful
  2. Show love and appreciation(especially to those close to you.)
  3. Always smile for it doesn’t cost a dime
  4. Be calm and patient
  5. Avoid envy,instead set, focus and work on your own goals
  6. Do not lie (unless it benefits the person who’s being lied to)
  7. Be firm and equitable in matters of justice
  8. Do not rush in decision making
  9. Embody the change you seek to see around you
  10. Embrace change and diversity
  11. Learn from your cradle to your grave
  12. Read a lot (preferably on different topics)
  13. Avoid idleness, waste and extravagance at all cost
  14. Be confident
  15. Share your knowledge
  16. Be kind and gentle
  17. Always do good and expect nothing in return
  18. Avoid short-term thinking
  19. Accept constructive criticism
  20. Avoid cowardice and ambiguity
  21. Travel as much as possible
  22. Talk to people for it is the best way to learn
  23. Regularly question yourself for that is the key to self-improvement
  24. Think first and then speak
  25. Do to other as you would have them do you to
  26. Put the greater good ahead
  27. Your body is a temple, take care of it.
  28. Most importantly, be happy!



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