Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happy People

By Mory Keita
I hate happy people and their happy lives,
for they wear happy glasses--
Lens that makes them smile
while the neighbor's house burn.

When you're dying of hunger in the street,
these mockingbirds fly by you without a glance.
They fly, jump, sing,“Hooray life's beautiful!”

They read their magazines in the subway
while a mother begs for silver coins to feed
the tiny, innocent creature in her arms.

They fucking drive hummers aware that
earth's slowly dying of pollution.

Happy glasses are awesome!
with them life's mellow and rosy,
Illusions and reality blend
and all you see is happiness,
while sorrow gnaw your soul.

Oh sister, I am not happy
and will not be happy,
for these happy people, I have learned,
are but sad clowns wearing happy masks.

Damn be them happy people, fuck them all.
How can you be indifferent to the human condition
when there's too much pain and suffering in this world?

Oh Mr. Happy man, what will you do
when your happy glasses break?
When the weight of reality befall upon you?
When you find yourself in Mr Sadman's shoes?



Anonymous said...

It's great to see you writing again !

"They fucking drive hummers aware that
earth's slowly dying of pollution."
Couldn't have said it better.

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