Monday, May 24, 2010

To be "cool"

         By Mory Keita

To be cool like the old gangsters:
Put your pants down the butt,
Become a loud desperate attention seeker,
A know-everything fellow,
A tabloids lover and books’ nemesis,
Listen to rap and senseless music,
Wear in vogue sneakers and T-shirts,
Be clueless about the world,
Become rude to any one different from you,
Utter profanities non-stop,
Enjoy your life and nothing else,
Cut school on a weekly basis,
Make cool friends not nerds and geeks,
Party at least twice a week,
Go along with the fun and give up anything boring,
Smoke marijuana, drink alcohol to feel high,
Try to fit in as much as you can,
Look your best under the sky,                             
Hang out with friends the whole day,
Think about the present and it only,
Go home at 1:30 am and then ask yourself,
“What have I done with my day?”



Anonymous said...

I might be able to eke out a week. Then, I'd be stir-crazy.

Unknown said...

I am cool, & I don't do this stereotypical behavior.

Mory said...

Hey Taelor, the title of this poem is firstly sarcastic. the point i wanted to convey was that, people who act this way and think that they are cool are actually not. i will encourage you to reread it again. there is nothing " stereotypical " about it.

signed...bkm said...

Great job Mory, You hit right on the head on how to be the lowest sense of the word.... great take on the prompt...bkm

Robert Lloyd said...

Ah it brings to mind that phrase "Youth is wasted on the young". If we put as much effort into life as we do trying to be cool the world be a better place. Well written and greta points Mory.

Carrie Van Horn said...

Mory, I love what you did with this. When people are young they can be so blind to what matters and what they are doing, but time is a great teacher. You are wise beyong your years! Great poem!

Mory said...

lol " wise beyond your years" wow is that to me?? i feel now so great.

thank you Carrie and everyone else.


Djene said...

When we are young, yes we do crazy stuff. I totally agree.

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